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Making Hybrid Office Smarter

We provide a smart and powerful ecosystem enabling you to effectively manage your workspace and promote better work experiences.

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Empower your workplace with solutions that automate workflows, creates seamless experiences for your team, and streamlines your business processes.


Our digital solutions are designed to help you simplify your organization's processes so everyone can focus on what matters most: the work.

Meeting room booking illustration

Meeting Room Booking

Get a real-time view of available meeting rooms to eliminate double booking

Desk reservation illustration

Desk Booking

Book or cancel a desk reservation via mobile, laptop, or Wayfinder.

Workplace analytics illustration

Workplace Sensors

Understand and optimize your workplace.

Visitor management system illustration

Visitor Management System

Manage visitors with a streamlined system to keep your workplace safe and secure

Wayfinder illustration


Real-time floor map, kiosk concierge, and booking system for all employees

Newsfeed illustration


Get the latest new and updates around the globe via a mobile app or Wayfinder

Workflow illustration


Get instantaneous reports and solutions around the workplace to enhance internal operation flow

Hybrid Work

Empower hybrid work with a digital solution that works for everyone

ProSpace workplace management platform can help transition your office into a smart and thriving workspace environment and improve workplace experience with solutions for specific business needs, teams, and industry.

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Improve Employee Experience

Easy to use interface

Fast and seamless booking on mobile or web

Interactive floor plans to view available spaces

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Better Team Collaboration

View and book meeting rooms that suit your teams' need

Create neighborhoods where people can choose where they want to work

Increase productivity, employee engagement, and wellbeing

Accomodate employees' unique work styles

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Optimize Workspace Costs

Easy to understand space occupancy and utilization metrics

Design collaboration spaces that remove unnecesary distances

Maximize office space with room scheduling systems

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Workplace Health & Safety

Put Emphasis on Safety and Health

Create a safe post-pandemic workplace for your employees. Take away their anxiety in returning to the office with digital solutions that supports COVID-19 health protocols.

New normal protocol social distancing

Social Distancing

New normal protocol contact tracing

Contact Tracing

New normal protocol touchless visitor management

Touchless Visitor Management

New normal protocol control visitor flow

Control Visitor Flow

New normal protocol monitor indoor air quality

Monitor Indoor Air Quality

New normal protocol scan room capacity

Scan Room Capacity

Workplace Analytics

Creating Smart & Sustainable Workplace Environment

Create a healthy office culture while facing the challenges of a flexible workplace setup.

Smart office solutions workplace utilizations

Workplace Utilization

Provides you with data on space utilization and occupancy to make smart decisions on creating a workplace experience that best supports your employees.

Smart office solutions indoor environment monitoring

Indoor Environment Monitoring

By monitoring all the VOC, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels at once, Thermalsense truly creates a conductive environment out of space.

Smart office solutions behavioral analytics

Behavioral Analytics

Get an overview of the usage behavior on different business units while ensuring optimum workspace setting to achieve the highest employee productivity rate

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