Contactless Temperature Screening

Contactless Temperature Screening

How It Works

Users stand in front of the device, at a distance between 0.5m to 1m.

Contactless temperature screening completed in 1-2 seconds, with alert system triggered when anomalies are detected.

Reports generated for tracking and decision making.

Best for Office Spaces, Gyms, Healthcare Venues and Education Institutions

ProSpace provides an efficient and fuss-free solution for building access and screening, providing a first line of defense in protecting your employees and community. The system can be deployed easily to support contact tracing and visitor management.



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Contactless and automated process to measure body temperature


Achieve accuracy levels of ±0.5°C and >95% mask-wearing detection accuracy

Access Control & Alert System

Advanced notification and alert system when anomalies detected (eg. high fever)

Fuss-free Deployment

Easy deployment with ProSpace support and training


Purchase CTS Device

SGD $4,900

SGD $3,000 Only

Save SGD $1,900

Lease Monthly

SGD $200 /month

*Minimum 24 months contract

ProSpace understands the unified battle of the workforce against Covid -19,
and is hence launching this special promotion to contribute for the collective good of the community.

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