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Desk Reservation System

Shape The Workplace Based On The Needs Of The Employees

Bring order and flexibility to the workplace with a user-friendly and easy to manage office desk booking system.

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Workplace Experience


Take away the hassle of looking for an available desk. With ProSpace, you can find and reserve a desk that suits your needs and preference.

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View and book available rooms

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Self-service desk booking

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Reserve a desk on the go via mobile

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QR code check-in

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Find and locate colleagues

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Book upon arrival or days in advance


Helping you manage your workspaces to ensure a seamless desk booking experience.

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Real-time floor plans

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Single sign-on

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Data reporting

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Contactless check-in

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Automation rules

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Office zoning

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Multi language

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How It Works

Book a Desk Anytime, Anywhere

Simplify hot desking, office hoteling, and desk booking for better team collaboration.

How to book a desk
No more wasted time looking for an available desk. View workplace occupancy to determine which desks are already assigned or unavailable for space distancing.
Reserve a desk in advance or while you are on the go via the Prospace app or desktop. Choose a desk where you can work at your best and achieve maximum productivity.
Find your colleagues and collaborate with them better in an area that helps creativity and teamwork flow naturally. Seat teams together while still giving them the freedom to choose which desk they prefer.
With Prospace's powerful insights and smart recommendations, you can eliminate unused desks and find the right area to support your team's collaborations.

Workplace Experience


No desks are left unused. With a desk booking tool, employees will get alternative desk recommendations on available desks near their preferred space.

Web app preview of desk reservation
Web app preview of desk reservation

Occupancy Compliance


Prevent overcrowding to ensure that your employees are accommodated as effectively as possible. The desk reservation system allows you to make some desks off limits or unavailable so there's less snaking around in search of space.

Desk Management Solution

Connect Your Employees to The Workplace

ProSpace lets your teams decide when, where, and how they will work together. Connect your remote and in-house employees to the workplace by giving them the best of both worlds.

Hot desking illustration

Hot Desking

Allow employees the freedom to choose the desks they work best.

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Permanent Desk Assignment

Give employees an assigned seat for a specific day that they are on-site

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Workplace Analytics

Understand what the employees need and optimize the workplace so teams would flow seamlessly.

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Office Zoning

Encourage collaboration by letting teams seat near each other in an organized space.

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Mobile App

Viewing, booking, and canceling a reservation is simpler for employees via ProSpace App.

You can save time and increase employee productivity with our smart booking system.

Web app preview of desk reservation Mobile app preview of desk reservation

Facility Management


Our solutions fit perfectly with different types of hybrid work models. With Prospace, you can create a healthy office culture while facing the challenges of a flexible workplace setup.

Room Scheduling Calendaring

Single sign-on

Elevate user experience while centralizing authentication points.

Room Scheduling Usage Behaviour

Data export

Easily export booking data into CSV files to monitorhow a space is used.

Room Scheduling Easy Management

Automation rules

Create and customize desk reservation rules and policies.

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