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Workplace Sensors

Maximize the potential of your workplace through unparalleled data accuracy, and actionable insights

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IoT Sensors For Hybrid Workplaces


Get a better view of how employees work and understand optimal output behaviors across the enterprise. Gain insight that would help develop office layout and reduce real estate costs.

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Powerful IoT Sensors

Sensors are deployed within the workplace to non-invasively detect human activities. Thereafter data is transmitted and processed on the cloud with our proprietary algorithms.

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Indoor Environmental Monitoring

Easily monitor carbon dioxide levels, temperature, and humidity to ensure a better environment for your staff.

Workplace Analytics Dashboard


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Real-time occupancy utilization

Take away the hassle of looking for an available desk. With ProSpace, you can find and reserve a desk that suits your needs and preference.

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Privacy Protected

Keep your information secure and private. 100% anonymous live data ensures that everyone in the workplace is protected and secured.

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Cloud-based dashboard

With a simple click, you can accurately visualize physical workplace conditions and make better decisions for the well-being of your employees.

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Review and Improve

Data can be streamed to other systems through ProSpace’s API. Receive data at your fingertips instantaneously to drive workplace strategic decisions for your organizations across locations in different countries.

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How It Works

Creating Safe Environment for Your People

Discover how ProSpace's powerful sensors can reveal data that provides major benefits to companies such as reducing office density and supporting the productivity of employees.

Smart office solutions workplace utilizations

Thermalsense operates on thermal imaging technology and a host of other AQ sensors. It detects human flow and it's surrounding environment while respecting the privacy of the people within the space.

Smart office solutions indoor environment monitoring

The data will be analyze and presented in a single, easy-to-use online dashboard. Actionable insights can be derived from the analytics thereafter.

Smart office solutions behavioral analytics

Meanwhile, an automated notification system can be set up, to notify the facilities team of any anomalies detected within the workplace environment.

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