Workplace Analytics

Uncover insights and regain control of your workplace

The convergence of interaction, performance and innovation

It takes great strategy to make a powerhouse out of an office space. Workplace Analytics helps drive your office’s design to maximise productivity.

How It Works



Sensors are deployed within the workplace to non-invasively detect human activities. Thereafter data is transmitted and processed on the cloud with our proprietary algorithms.



Real-time utilisation and actionable insights are provided to enhance workspace efficiency. This helps in space reallocation and thus improving the workspace user experience.



Data can be streamed to other systems through ProSpace’s API. Receive data on your fingertips instantaneously to drive workplace strategic decisions for your organisation across locations in different countries.

Let us explain how

Workplace Analytics provides you with data on space utilisation and occupancy, so your team can make informed decisions on how to create a workplace experience that best supports your employees.

For instance, if you have a lot of unattended meetings, desks or spaces, we will share simple steps you can take to get more utilisation out of every space.

Rather than letting them sit idle, increasing utilisation in a meaning way can provide greater ROI to the organisation.

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Remote Monitoring

Observe past and present utilisation remotely for all locations. Equip your local facilities team with data to rapidly respond to any workspace-related needs.

Site Overview Analytics

Get an overview on the usage behaviour on different business units under different work settings. Strike the right balance in office stacking plan while ensuring optimum workspace setting for highest employee productivity.

Portfolio Analysis

Have a bird’s-eye view of your regional/global workspace portfolio performance and use it as a benchmark against industry standards.

Multiple Network Options

Multiple network options – our IoT system can be connected to WIFI, LAN/Ethernet or mobile networks.

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Unlock your Space’s potential

ProSpace helps workplace teams be proactive, with constant feedback about what design works and what doesn’t. Growth is right around the corner!

Space Scheduling

Secure a space.
Anytime, anywhere.

A platform designed to keep your teams moving, the smart way

Cut the amount of time taken to

find a meeting room

find a desk



Find a Space

Locating a room or a desk has never been easier. Just insert your preferred date and time and our system will provide real-time space availability at your fingertips.



Once locating a space, you can check-in through a wide variety of options at your convenience.


Free The Space

The floorplan will update in real time and clear out the space as users check-out, making it available for others to use automatically.

Ditch the Hunt for a space

A desired space made available just when you need it, shouldn’t be a “wish-come-true”, but a basic need being met.

Our Space Scheduling platform nullifies the friction of space searching throughout the day, and hence makes our user understand the essence of a smoothly run office space.

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Because Ideas Only Flow When People Do

Experience the true meaning of seamless

Booking a space for meetings need not be a time-wasting hassle. With ProSpace's solutions, you can do so on the go, at your desk or even when you are eating.

ideas mobile
ideas mobile


Our scheduling system can integrate with major calendaring systems such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Suite.


Usage Behaviour

Access real-time room booking data and user behaviour analysis. Understand the peak hour usage, meeting duration, average attendees and many more.


Easy Management

We make it easy for account admins to add and remove users, while providing detailed permission settings to manage user access.

A day in the life of a user

Expand each section below to peek into their smooth daily routine



I'm working on my client's upcoming project when I realise that a group briefing needs to take place.


I can schedule a meeting through my Outlook, without having to pause my work. The ProSpace add-in feature enables me to do that seamlessly.


A notification is sent to all my invited colleagues telling them about the time, location as well as the purpose of the meeting.


Even when I'm on the go and away from my workspace, I can schedule a meeting through the ProSpace app.


I can view all the available rooms from The Dock and conveniently book a space of my liking.


Otherwise, I could just walk to the meeting room and check-in at the entrance, either by scanning the QR code or checking-in through the tablet.


With access to either options, I am able to have a successful and productive meeting without any hassle or time wastage.



I’m on my way to work and unlike my train ride, I want a secured seat when I get to the office. Thankfully, I can book a desk through the mobile app.


Alternatively upon reaching the office, I can check into my desk space by scanning the QR code on it.


I can also find available seats near my colleagues through The Dock.


I proceed with the rest of my day productively. At the end of the day, I can use any of the above methods to check-out before I leave the office.


Only the latest, Industry leading thermal imaging technology

For indoor environment monitoring.

An ideal environment did not exist before this.

Various factors are integrated in curating an effective surrounding.

The all new ThermalSense has the capability to control every micro detail involved within a workplace, to truly curate an environment that is designed for you.

How It Works


Thermalsense operates on a thermal imaging technology and a host of other IAQ sensors. It detects human flow and its surrounding environment while respecting the privacy of the people within the space.



The data will be analysed and presented in a single, easy to use online dashboard. Actionable insights can be derived from the analytics thereafter.



Meanwhile, automated notification system can be set up, to notify the facilities team on any anomalies detected within the workspace environment.


Achieve Micro management, without any management

Detail Oriented

ThermalSense has the power to take a deep dive into all aspects of your environment, almost as if it was under a microscopic lens, albeit in a non-invasive and respectful way.

All in One

By monitoring all the VOC, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels at once, ThermalSense truly creates a conductive environment out of a space.

The Dock

An assistant, to everyone in your space

The Dock brings together multiple functions, all in one. The user can ask The Dock anything, and it will deliver.

Be it booking a room, reserving a desk, figuring out where their colleagues are at to catching up with the latest news or any office announcements.

Hub Management

The Central hub for everything going on, in, out and around your workplace environment. This single display system integrates every aspect of your workplace together, giving you data access holistically.

Your Way Finder

With a real time floor map and occupancy status, you can locate a space, find your way to it and even occupy it, while being on a completely different floor.

Keeping Up

Starting from the news inside your office to the latest updates around the world, The Dock has you covered. Showcase all HR announcements as well as news channels such as CNA & CNN to keep your employees updated.

Assistance, at a glance

Who would have thought that the television could be a go-to point, even at your workplace? This television increases your productivity and efficiency by simplifying your every day. With The Dock, support is wherever you look.

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